Southern African Blending conference

11-13 september 2020

Conference has ended

The audio messages of the conference have been uploaded. You will find them at:

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Below is the schedule of the Southern African Blending Conference

Message No.TitleDateTime
1The Lord’s Recovery of the Corporate Christ - the Body-ChristFriday, 11 September 202019:00-20:45
2Being Saved from the Crooked and Perverted Generation to Be the Testimony of Jesus― the Corporate Christ as Today’s ArkSaturday, 12 September 202016:30-18:15
3The Golden Lampstands Signifying the Churches as the Testimony of Jesus, the Corporate Christ, Shining and Burning for God’s Move in His AdministrationSaturday, 12 September 202019:00-20:45
*Overflow meeting (Sharing what we enjoyed and what touched us in this conference).Lord's day, 13 September 202009:30-11:30
4The Church as the New Man, the Corporate Christ, Engaging in Spiritual Warfare to Defeat God’s Enemy and to Bring In the Kingdom of GodLord's day, 13 September 202016:30-18:15


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